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  • Peel and Stick Glass Mosaic Wall Tile Kitchen Bath
  • Peel and Stick Glass Mosaic Wall Tile Kitchen Bath
  • Peel and Stick Glass Mosaic Wall Tile Kitchen Bath

Glass Mosaic Wall Tile 12in.x12in.x5mm - #04109

Peel and Stick Glass Mosaic Wall Tile Kitchen Bath

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Product Highlights
  • Item code# 04109
  • 0.92 sq.ft. per piece
  • 12 in.(L)x 12 in.(W)x 5mm(D)
  • Minimum order: 12pieces
  • Grade 1 tile for wall use
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Product Highlights

Elegant, bold and visually striking effects. This crocodile skin patterned glass will add another dimensions to your wall. Different shapes of frosted and glossy mosaics will add sophistication to your room. Just peel and stick and you can enhance your kitchen, bathroom or accent walls. Superior adhesion on most flat, dry and free of dust surfaces. Tiles can be applied over drywall or existing tiles.Free sample size tiles available.


  • 1 sq.ft. per piece
  • 12 in.(L)x 12in.(W)x 5 mm(D)
  • Glass tile/self adhesive backing
  • Each piece weights approx.1.5lbs.
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Water-proof adhesive layer
  • Wet saw recommended to cut this tile
  • Can be installed on any flat, smooth, clean, dry and free of dust surfaces, including existing tiles

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