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192 sq.ft.3D Panels-Branches Wall/Wainscot Panels #02102VB

192 sq.ft.3D Panels-Branches       Wall/Wainscot Panels #02102VB

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Product Highlights
  • Item code# 02102VB
  • 36 panels / 192 sq. ft. in a box
  • 31.4in.(L)x 24.6in.(W)x 1in.(D)
  • Panels made of plant fibers
  • Panels come in off-white
  • Paintable texture
  • Glue-On panels
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Product Highlights

The 192 sq. ft. threeDwall, Branches Wall Panels bring affordable elegance into any room. Made of natural plant fibers, these panels can be used to build breath taking feature walls and wainscots, cover damaged walls or enhance the look of your ceilings. Panels are very easy to trim and paint. Combination of design and color will add a new dimension to any traditional, contemporary or transitional rooms.


  • 36 panels / 192 sq.ft. per box
  • 31.4in.(L)x 24.6in.(W)x 1in.(D)
  • Panels made of plant fibers
  • Each board weights approx.1.5 lbs.
  • Construction adhesive or contact cement recommended to adhere panels on the wall
  • Paintable texture
  • For interior use only

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